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our work

We work in partnership with our clients to help define and support business and project goals. Rather than having one set product or service, we provide guidance through an evolved process of discovery, using design-led processes and methods and specific hands-on assistance.

Our core expertise lies in the following areas:


For over 20 years we have provided graphic and digital design services to start-ups, innovative enterprises and design led businesses. Our consulting work has a foundation in this hands-on creative experience.

New and evolving ideas services and interactions are needed to make the best of rapidly changing business challenges and emerging opportunities. Design is key to taking ideas from concept to implementation quickly and effectively, and is playing an increasingly fundamental role in transforming business itself.

Design is also changing, becoming increasingly user-focused, and using agile and collaborative approaches that requires an understanding of multiple design practices, and of UX, data, communications and media, technology, platforms, systems, digital development, infrastructure, human behaviour, communities, culture and interactions.

We use our experience and understanding of these interrelated fields to help clients understand, and make best use of the potential of design.


Our experience of both producing content and building and working with content management systems help us evaluate, develop and integrate platforms, strategies, tools and processes to generate and manage both visual and editorial assets. We have used both leading ecommerce suites and bespoke systems, however most of our work has been with open source platforms.

Projects have ranged from installation, configuration and simple frontend theming through to complex integration and migration projects that involve user marketplaces or complex taxonomy and search.

Along with in depth knowledge of the technical and design aspects of content management, we also have many years’ experience of creating, authoring and editing content. We are therefore well placed to advise on the generation, structure, semantics and framing of content and content policies, and ensuring that these support both the needs of the audience and the wider communications strategy, key business goals and KPIs.

We understand UX, user journeys and the power of both visual communication and a consistent narrative and experience across different digital and social platforms and offline activities or events.

We can also help with challenges that may arise in the day to day running of content teams and workflow, and the enforcement of content refresh cycles, rights and asset management, use of templates, style guides and consistency of visual language and tone.


We are here to provide support for what works well, and to find ways to increase everyone’s efficiency and ability to adapt to change. We also understand that both legacy and emergent issues can cause complexity and delays, and use a systemic, pragmatic approach to unpacking and resolving problems at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Using our industry knowledge and experience, along with a deep understanding of human interaction, we have also devised and refined our own innovative tools that provide rapid and effective project profiling, transaction mapping, the uncovering of common values and the development of empathy and understanding.

Our work

Much of our recent and past work has been undertaken on a confidential basis, on projects such as:

  • Production support and content migration expertise for the re-platforming of one of the UK's largest network and telecommunications service providers
  • Development services, advice and guidance on use of Drupal CMS and open source to a top ten London communications agency
  • Internal communications, content strategy and editorial workflow development for a leading charity
  • Long term project development and media strategy consultancy for a high profile international environmental campaign.
  • Designing and piloting a specialist patient-led healthcare service.

We have a long track record of supporting change and of collaboration in innovative, entrepreneurial projects and pilots, and are ourselves pioneers in digital and content services, media and communications, ecommerce for fashion and lifestyle, and working within the circular economy.